All About Soccer And Border Collies By Bruno

Hello its Bruno here and my topic is Border Collies playing soccer. My dad had a Border Collie and it could play soccer. I was really jealous. I asked my dad for a Border Collie that looked like Sue ( that’s the name of the dog ) call it Sue and hope that it plays soccer. Do you wish you had a Border Collie that plays soccer? Sue had lots of energy but she also had the brains, unlike Springer Spaniels. They have the energy, but they don’t have the brains. They are absolutely stupid! I hope you enjoyed my post. By for now!

This is another soccer playing Border Collie.

3 thoughts on “All About Soccer And Border Collies By Bruno

  1. I think that I must disagree with you Bruno! My mother had a Springer Spaniel and it was an intelligent, loving dog. I think that there may be some silly ones and some not so silly, in all dog breeds. What do you think about that?

  2. Hi Bruno,

    I have a border collie that plays soccer. Her names Pixie. The only problem is that she doesn’t bring it back! Pixies way better at frisbee than soccer though she can actually catch it on the full and bring it back! Could Sue play frisbee?

    From Rosie

  3. that post is kind of boring.As well as being interesting.because dog playing soccer must take some brains(i’m not saying that dogs are stupid)but I would enjoy a dog of my own. I also play a bit of soccer myself.My grand farther used to have a dog his name was rock wood but he died.Is a pug capable of running fast?

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