The Soccer Tips. by Oscar and Luke

Hi. Are you trying to be the best soccer team in the world, but losing all your games? Well, you’re in luck – we can give you tips.

Number 1. The Rainbow.

This is where you trap the ball between your feet then jump in the air. Use your weak foot to bring the ball to the back of your heel and then bring the heel higher and push it over your head.

Number 2. The Naymer JR Rocket

This one is pretty hard but it originally came from Naymer, so its really cool! The Naymer JR Rocket is a bit like the rainbow, but you use the back of your strong foot and the front of your weak foot and flick it beside you and over the defenders head.

Number 3. The Nutmeg

To do the nutmeg you have to go one way quickly turn, the other way, then push the ball through the goalie’s legs. Be sure to nutmeg the goalie.

Number 4. How to defend

You always have to be prepared when attackers come and your facing them and they go one side, you will have to turn to that  side and run after them, but if you give them the left foot to go to and they are right footed they will take longer to get past you which makes you able to get the ball off them.

Number 5. The Ronaldo Chop

Here’s one from another famous soccer player called Ronaldo and the trick is called the Ronaldo chop. This one you use your strong foot to go around your weak foot and hit the ball. BYE😁 😁😁

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