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My Map by Finlay

Can you find were the hospital is located??? And look for where more stuff is located. Put your answers in the comments and I’ll reply if you got them right.

Mapping By Ida

Our class is learning about mapping. This is my map. There are some things below that you can find by using the numbers:

The house,

the school,

the church,

the train,

the shop,

and the lake.

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HI. It is Jack here. I posted this video for you to see Rolando.

Ronaldo can pretty much do every trick.

Here is a fact about ROLANDO. This year he won the 2017 best player in the wold.


Rosie’s Mapping Challenge

Which square is the lake on?

Which square is the shop on?

How many houses are there?

Which square is the factory on?

Which squares are the parks on?

The school is on which square?

Did you enjoy doing this challenge?

Read the questions and answer them in a comment. Have fun!