The Dragons Den by Ida


In the middle of a endless sea of mountains there was a mansion, it had cobwebs covering every corner of every room. It was an old building that once held an army of dragons, but that was years ago and now it’s old, forgotten and dusty, and it has shards of ice around it so it’s almost impossible to get to until now.

Chapter 1

The mansion 

A young child named Eana, an adventurous girl with long white hare and kind eyes, found the mansion. When she saw the mansion she new she had to explore.When she entered the mansion she found a long corridor and at the end was a mysterious door. Eana opened the door and as she did the mansion lit up with the light from inside. It took a wile for her to see properly and  when she could she was stunned the room instead of being covered in dust it was covered in golden eggs! But something was wrong as she looked around she saw a note this is what it said:

If you found this note I will tell you a secret. The eggs in this room are dragon eggs, please look after them.

Thank You!

Eana could not believe it! Dragons are real? Just then she heard a cracking sound and a few seconds later a dragon head appeared out of one of the eggs. It had a black body, red spikes and dark blue eyes.

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