Tasmania by Coco and Lola

Hi. Coco and Lola here.

Tasmania is a very beautiful island and is home to the Tasmanian devil and the Tasmanian Tigers (the Thylacines). They were the biggest marsupials in Australia but they are now extinct. Some of our other native animals are the wombat, the pademelon and the platypus. Here is a link to a site where you can find out more about these animals.


We were wondering what some of your island animals are?

One of our native plants is a tea tree. (It got its because Captain Cook used the leaves to make a ‘tea’ drink).

What are some of your island plants we would like to know?

We have a big mountain called Mount Wellington and in winter people go up it to ski. We have a great bush scenery and are famous for our amazing National Parks.

Here is a YouTube clip showing some of our famous places to visit.

6 thoughts on “Tasmania by Coco and Lola

  1. Hi, My name is Miyah. I like the video because it is like a tour of your island. I live on an island too. It is a very small island. It is only three miles long. Why do they call that mountain The Nut? Who named it? Please visit my blog and comment at http://miyahpib28.edublogs.org/ Miyah

  2. Hi I’m Emma. I live on an island too. Although it is quite small considering that it is only 3 miles long. I like how you put in so many facts in one blog post. I definitely learned a few facts about Australia. Do you see wombats a lot? Come visit my blog at http://emmapib27.edublogs.org.

  3. Hia girl,
    love it because it is a tour of OUR island.
    I haven’t seen Franklin-Gordon wild rivers national park before, but I will soon!

  4. Hi, Emma
    Hi I do not see many wombats in Hobart but when I am camping at Bruny island or somewhere like that I see quite a few.

    all my love coco

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