TASMANIA (by James and Tomaz)

The population of Australia is 519,166 in 2017. The population of Tasmania is 515,00.

Here are some of our native animals:

  • Tasmanian devil
  • spotted tail quoll
  • wombat
  • echidna
  • wallabies
  • platypus.

Tasmania has beautiful bush land. Here are some of the types of trees:

  • huon pine (famous for it’s wood)
  • blue gum
  • wattle
  • eucalyptus trees

Tasmania has chilly waters, but it doesn’t freeze. We have good waves to surf on. At Ship Stern Bluff there are some pretty scary waves! Check out this YouTube taken here at Ship Stern Bluff, which as you can see is a fairly southern end of Tasmania:


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  1. I really liked your post because it gives me some information. What I thought was kind of funny was that you guys live on an island and so do we. Ours only has 500 people year round, but we have thousands in summer! Do you live in Tasmania year round? Come and visit my blog at http://miapib26.edublogs.org/

    From Mia

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