All about me (Greta)

Hi guys,

My name is Greta.

This is my first blog, so I hope you enjoy it. I am really EXCITED to to speak to you today. So I better start writing. I love gymnastics and hanging out with Coco (my BEST friend.) I also skate. I am a member of She Shreds, the local girl skateboard crew. I am very giggly, but even more when I am with Coco. I go to Goulburn Street Primary School in Tassie. My favorite subject is science and writing. In writing we have been making our own fictional stories based on a magical land. And it is really FUN. Today we made unicorn poop (slime) in science.



8 thoughts on “All about me (Greta)

  1. Hi Greta.
    I’m glad that you enjoy writing – it shows … you certainly have a talent for it! I am looking forward to reading your story! Have you started your Worry Page yet?A great idea!

    • Hello again,
      I go on sudyladder at home, so it means I need my password. Please if you can send my password via the blog, I would be very appreciative. If, on the other hand, you cant I understand.
      Bye Bye Julie!

  2. Hi Mrs Moore,
    I did do the worry website. But I think it got deleted.
    I can’t wait for my blog to be completed. YAY!
    P.S thank you for posting my all about me.
    I wanted to know how to put my work on my own blog.
    See you.

  3. I like your post because it tells me all about you.It is also cool that you got to make slime in science class. I also like science and writing just like you, but my favorite subject is math. What made you like to skate. Maybe come and visit my blog some time

    From: Elias

    • Hello Elias,
      Thank you for saying such kind words. The reason I skate is because my father has done it for a while, but he is not anymore because he doesn’t want to get anymore accidents to happen. P.S thank you for your time:)

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