The spooky village! Version #2

CHAPTER ONE    The spooky village!

One sunny day I saw a village. It was no ordinary village , it was rather spooky there. There was scarcely any light in it. As soon as I turned around I was scooped up by a giant invisible hand at least that’s what I think it was. Then I thought I was in the village! That means there are some people um  I mean monsters I can make friends with!  Then I’m a type of monster! I’m invisible and I’m now looking down the cliff and I can see my friends down at the campsite but I must have super sighting!


CHAPTER TWO   I’m a ghost!

“I think I’m a ghost.  ”   Lets se if I can go through this wall.  I can. So that means I can fly! This is a  mystery! What am I going to tell my friends. Wait a minute where are my friends? Oh no there going to meet up with me at the campsite. “So because I’m a ghost I myself can fly out of the village! Ok so let’s try this! Yay I’m in the air! BONK! Ouch , I banged my head. I thought ghost’s couldn’t hurt them-self’s. I think that there is a ghost force field. “There must be a force field.




CHAPTER THREE  The magical chest and truth!

Since I can fly I guess I should fly into a house. That house looks good! There is a chest let’s take a closer look at it. I need a key to open it I found the key but I cant pick it up. Because I’m a ghost. I am so upset!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “The spooky village! Version #2

  1. Great blog!My favorite part was the last chapter because you’re a ghost,try to open a chest,and the key falls through your hand!I think that this story fits Halloween beacause it mentions about ghosts.Once again,great blog!

    • Thanks, this is version two because I made this two years ago and added punctuation marks this year! I DID write this near Halloween too!
      It was fun writing this.
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      if you have a blog please leave URL on this post or on my blog!

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