All about me (Coco)

Hi my name is Coco.

I enjoy gymnastics and hanging out with my BEST friend Greta. I go to Goulburn street primary school. I am very giggly when I am with my best friend Greta. My favourite subject is science. Today we made unicorn poop (slime) me and Greta’s was purple and green. At lunchtime and recess me and Greta like to jog around the oval. I like to act and film. I am a very good photographer.

I made a film Coco in Cambodia (type on Google Mystate student film festival 2017 if you want to watch it.) . I was recently at panama music festival I had lots of fun there.

I hope you like my post see you next time:) 

2 thoughts on “All about me (Coco)

  1. Hey Coco,
    Is this your first post (other than the Worry Website)?
    I love it sooooooooooooooooo much, maybe I used a few too many “Os”.
    From Gretzky

  2. Thank you for the post Gretzky actually this is my third post including the worry website see you soon 🙂
    love coco pops

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