Island life (Tasmania) By Ida

Life on our island is awesome.

In the Summer my family goes out on our boat, Little Red.

In the Autumn we go to the botanical gardens and throw the leaves about.

In the winter we go to Mount Field and build igloos, once I even slept in it!  .

In the Spring time go to the beach and have pizza a lot.

Watching the Sea - POTD #105 sdobie via Lake Sabrina Sunrise RStonejr via CompfightCompfight

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2 thoughts on “Island life (Tasmania) By Ida

  1. hi Ida
    like your post.
    in summer we have a BBQ at a park and then go to the beach and we stay there for hours at a time and then we go home and have a ice-cream for dessert. In autumn we make lots of leaf piles and acorn stashes in the playground.
    can’t wait for your next post Ida.
    Brook and Ruth.

  2. We do live in such a special place! Its great to hear you are getting out into nature Ida and experiencing Tasmamias beauty. I wonder what makes Tasmania special to each of us?

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