We are a grade 2/3 class of 27 fabulous students!

We have a little over 200 students at our school in classes ranging from Kindergarten to Year 6.
Having celebrated 150 years of public education (we are now 170 years old), our school is listed as one of the oldest schools in Australia.
The school has two house teams that are named after important features of our school; Oak and Phoenix.
We have a large oak tree in our playground. We all eat lunch under it and play under the shade of it’s large, leafy branches. It is even older than the school!
There have been two fires at the school but each time the school has risen like a Phoenix.
We have a room named after the phoenix.  This is used by our after school care students.
We also have an Oak room. We use this for our Flying Start lessons.
We use the phoenix as the symbol for our school:
This is our oval. Lots of people come up here to play sport and run around. There are some garden beds next to the oval and sometimes students get to water them and eat the fruit and vegetables. We also have apple trees growing behind the fence.
P1000534P1000538   P1000532
We have a beautiful rose garden with lots of different types of roses. It’s a lovely quiet place to sit and read or think!
This means that we have water only to drink at school and that we have an extra fresh fruit or vegetable break throughout the day. Our canteen has reached gold accreditation for the food it serves and we have 15 minutes of daily P.E as well as our normal Phys Ed lessons.

Hobart is the capital city of the Australian island state of Tasmania. It was founded in 1804 as a penal colony. Hobart is located in the state’s south-east on the Derwent River, making it the most southern of Australia’s capital cities. Its harbour is the second-deepest natural port in the world.

hobart pic

Hobart – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thank You!
I would like to thank 3 amazing students who have added a lot to this blog by themselves and at times … in their own time.
Thank you Claudia, Esther and Penny.
Harriet and her dad, and William and his mum have also been a great help.
I hope that many more of the children in this class will be adding to our blog shortly.


6 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Thanks for explaining why the Phoenix is the symbol for your school. I didn’t know it had been burnt down twice! I love reading your blog.

    Hannah, Harriet’s mum

  2. Dear Ms. Moore’s Class 1/2,
    We want to say hello from West Linn, Oregon USA. We are a second grade class and are excited to start the blogging challenge. We will visit your blog and leave comments for you. Will you visit our blog and leave us comments? We really liked your About Me page. We learned much about your school and life there in Tasmania.
    From, Mrs. Amri’s Second Grade Crew

    • Dear Mrs Amri’s Second Grade Crew!
      How exciting to actually have another grade 2 class to communicate with via blogging! Most of the blogs we visit are run by older students – so yes, we will definitely visit your blog and leave some comments! We have however, just begun a 2 week break before our final 10 week term for the year. So please be patient. You MAY get one or two students who see this during our break, but I will make sure that we all visit your blog together in our first week back! (I will also put your comment in as a post so that if any of the children are bogging over their holiday – it will definitely be seen!) My “other classes blogs” widget has disappeared (not sure why?!) – so I will set up another one and add you to that as well.
      Looking forward to learning about school life in Oregon,
      Mrs Moore

  3. I think this post is so cool! It’s really awesome to see how school in Australia is different from school here in the United States! I really like how you mostly showed your “oval” and outside areas. I’m really excited to learn more about you guys! If you want to check out our blog, the link is below!


    • Hi grade 1A in Melbourne!
      We like your blog too! We run our class blog through edublogs and they have hundreds of great themes. We chose a monstrous one as it is close to Halloween and for a bit of fun! We like your blog too!
      There are a lot of children who have been to Melbourne in our class and some lucky ones who have travelled to different places all over the world? Who has been to Tasmania in your class and what was your favourite part about your visit?
      Mrs Moore will add your blog site to our class blog on a widget called “Class blogs we follow”, so that the children can visit this page and see all of the great things you have been doing for the blogging challenge too! Don’t forget to visit us too. We love comments as Koko our Koala widget will tell you! And please feed Foxy – he loves a rub!

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