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Island life (Tasmania) By Ida

Life on our island is awesome.

In the Summer my family goes out on our boat, Little Red.

In the Autumn we go to the botanical gardens and throw the leaves about.

In the winter we go to Mount Field and build igloos, once I even slept in it!  .

In the Spring time go to the beach and have pizza a lot.

Watching the Sea - POTD #105 sdobie via Lake Sabrina Sunrise RStonejr via CompfightCompfight

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The Dragons Den by Ida


In the middle of a endless sea of mountains there was a mansion, it had cobwebs covering every corner of every room. It was an old building that once held an army of dragons, but that was years ago and now it’s old, forgotten and dusty, and it has shards of ice around it so it’s almost impossible to get to until now.

Chapter 1

The mansion 

A young child named Eana, an adventurous girl with long white hare and kind eyes, found the mansion. When she saw the mansion she new she had to explore.When she entered the mansion she found a long corridor and at the end was a mysterious door. Eana opened the door and as she did the mansion lit up with the light from inside. It took a wile for her to see properly and  when she could she was stunned the room instead of being covered in dust it was covered in golden eggs! But something was wrong as she looked around she saw a note this is what it said:

If you found this note I will tell you a secret. The eggs in this room are dragon eggs, please look after them.

Thank You!

Eana could not believe it! Dragons are real? Just then she heard a cracking sound and a few seconds later a dragon head appeared out of one of the eggs. It had a black body, red spikes and dark blue eyes.

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Mapping By Ida

Our class is learning about mapping. This is my map. There are some things below that you can find by using the numbers:

The house,

the school,

the church,

the train,

the shop,

and the lake.

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Parrots by Ida and Georgina

Hi its Ida and Georgina and today’s topic is parrots.

We love parrots, so we made up words for each letter of the word bird:


Here is a video of a PARROT.

What do you think about this video?

Dogs by Ida

Dogs are one of my favourite animals.

You can even train them to do  tricks … like make them stand on their hind legs. You can make them sit or make them roll over and a whole lot of other things.

This is Crusoe. Mrs Moore loves Crusoe and so do !!

Rabbits by Ida

Hi its Ida. I really like rabbits. They’re cute, fluffy and adorable.

You might see them in your back-yard just hopping around and digging tunnels.

Some people think rabbits are pest, but I think they’re wrong, because like I said … they’re just cute fluffy and adorable.

 Rabbits sleeping in Volksgarten Düsseldorf

AM Fotografie via Compfight


Dolphins by Ida

Dolphins amazingly intelligent and one favorite animals.

They are fast, smart and  good at working as a team. This is an important skill for us all. They are also good at doing tricks.

What do you think?

Minecraft by Ida

Minecraft is an amazing game where you can build almost anything out of blocks.

At  home I’m building a city.

Here is a city someone else made, hope you enjoy it.

What do you think about it?

Origami by Ida

Hi it’s Ida and the topic is ORIGAMI.

I started loving origami when I was 7 and I still do. My favourite thing to make is a star-box. This how you make it.

I also love making ninja-stars hear is how you make them.

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