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The spooky village! Version #2

CHAPTER ONE    The spooky village!

One sunny day I saw a village. It was no ordinary village , it was rather spooky there. There was scarcely any light in it. As soon as I turned around I was scooped up by a giant invisible hand at least that’s what I think it was. Then I thought I was in the village! That means there are some people um  I mean monsters I can make friends with!  Then I’m a type of monster! I’m invisible and I’m now looking down the cliff and I can see my friends down at the campsite but I must have super sighting!


CHAPTER TWO   I’m a ghost!

“I think I’m a ghost.  ”   Lets se if I can go through this wall.  I can. So that means I can fly! This is a  mystery! What am I going to tell my friends. Wait a minute where are my friends? Oh no there going to meet up with me at the campsite. “So because I’m a ghost I myself can fly out of the village! Ok so let’s try this! Yay I’m in the air! BONK! Ouch , I banged my head. I thought ghost’s couldn’t hurt them-self’s. I think that there is a ghost force field. “There must be a force field.




CHAPTER THREE  The magical chest and truth!

Since I can fly I guess I should fly into a house. That house looks good! There is a chest let’s take a closer look at it. I need a key to open it I found the key but I cant pick it up. Because I’m a ghost. I am so upset!!!!!!!!!

Ocean poems.

The deep blue sea is as deep as can be

All the tropical fish amaze me!

All the coral is as pretty as can be

The ocean astonishes me!

body guardsCreative Commons License Paolo Gamba via Compfight Brook Ward via Compfight

The deep is amazing

All the coral, all the fish

All the FUN in the sea

One day I hope it can be

So magical to you, and me!

What do you think about the sea?