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Sunsets and Sunrises (by Kitty)

These are some of the sunset and sunrises that we saw from our balcony, some from the mainland and some from nutgrove. Have you seen sunsets and sunrises like these before? I love sunsets and sunrises! I think they are one of the most beautiful things in the world! I like the mix of vibrant colours. What’s your favourite part of sunsets and sunrises? Tell me on a comment.


Tigers (By Kitty)

Tigers are such amazing creatures. I really can’t believe that they’re getting hunted down 🙁  They don’t harm you if you don’t harm them. It’s that simple. But that’s just what I think. They only eat what they have to eat and that keeps them alive. They have cute baby tiger cubs and to be honestly they are probably the cutest thing I have ever seen! tiger are an endangered species! tigers are the largest cat in the cat family (They must be a very big cat) I hope you learnt something new today and that’s all from me by for now!

Staying near momCreative Commons License Tambako The Jaguar via Compfight

Dogs by Kitty

Dogs are great pets if you like walking because you have to walk them. Now some people think that’s great but others not so much. The second reason why I like dogs is because they are so cute! I like their wet noses. The third reason I love dogs is because you can play with them. They are so fun to play with. My favourite type of dog is a blue and white whippet. What’s yours?

The Best Night at DARK MOFO Ever

Last June I went to the Dark Mofo parade, it was an amazing experience. I hope I can go again next year. These are some of the pictures that I took…



The first one is the thylacine burning, so is the second one. The third photo is my brothers and me. In case you can’t tell, I’m the one in the middle. The one on the left is Bruno and the one on the right is Vincent. We enjoyed it lots! We saw lots of my friends! Dark Mofo happens every year in winter. We had to rug up tight to stay warm. I stood on the hill to see the thylacine burning. Everyone writes their worries on paper and puts it in a box which then goes inside the thylacine. Our worries are burnt and will then disappear! We joined the parade with lots of people and lots of instrument’s. There were drums and all sorts.

Have you ever been to Dark Mofo and what do you think about it?

All About Cats by Kitty

Cats are amazing pets. They are so cute! They can be a little mischievous sometimes but that makes them cats. They absolutely love a ball of wool to play with or a mouse toy. They also love a scratch or stroke behind their ears and behind the head. They love a snack. They love you!

04/15/14 - office kitty is on her way to a meeting. romanlily via Compfight


All About Me ( Kitty )

Hi my name is Kitty. I am 8 years old. I am in grade 2. My favourite sport is soccer. I really love animals. My cousins & my grand parents & uncles and aunts live in England so I don’t get to see them often. When I do I am very excited! It takes a long time to get there – 3 days!! This year my mum made an amazing cake for my birthday! It was a pink cat. My friends are Stella. Stella from Brisbane also my other friend Rosie comes from England like me!  Stella and Rosie came to my school last year and we have been friends since then. I have 2 brothers Bruno and Vincent, but he gets called Vinnie. I’m the youngest.

Al Case via CompfightThe Mall