Click on the cover of our book of poems by our grade 2 students “I am Wilbur”. These were inspired by Wilbur the pig from the story Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White.

Thanks to Penelope for organising all of the poems so that they could be published in this Youblisher book form!

Here are our watercolour insect pictures we drew/painted:
Our Watercolour Insects

Food Revolution Day

Retold by Penelope.

The Three Clever Pigs

Enjoy viewing our art work based on the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds which was recommended to us by Bree (Iggy’s Mum). We love this book with it’s important message to anyone who has been afraid to express themselves – from a child in art class to an adult whose fear has shut down a long-held dream, this book is there to remind us all to “Make your mark, and see where it takes you”. (

Our Dot Collages


More Dot Day Fun!



This trailer was created here at school by some of our Warriors with the help of Sophy (Claudia’s Mum). We know that the Worry Monster we are learning about doesn’t look as scary as this – thank goodness!

Our school has been very lucky, as we were able to purchase some LittleBits through a grant we received. Here is a video of our first go with using them. Great fun!

This is a video of some more littleBits. Hope you enjoy!

Pirate Day

Thank you Penny, Claudia and Esther for publishing these ready for our blog.

Here are some photos of our Italian Day. It was certainly not all that we did, as I forgot to take photos! It was however, a fun day!




  1. Hi Mrs Moore,
    it seems like were going to read out some of our I am Wilbur poems on Pirate Friday. (The twelfth of June) in our assembly. Are we going to make a grade one I am Wilbur poem book? And I hope some more work goes up soon. It looks like all these books have had effort put into them which means that they’re going to turn out well!

    • Penelope it is so wonderful that you are recognising the effort that children put into their work – as well as teachers! I am really anxious to put up some more work, but I may need a hand in doing this. I have so much to do it seems, with so little time in a school day to fit everything in! (Which is probably why I am answering this at 5.53 this morning!) Would you and perhaps Claudia and Esther, mind spending just a little of your lunch hour one day to give me a hand? I don’t like taking your time in school hours as I would prefer you to be working on something you really love doing, once you have finished the work set for you. And on the other side, I don’t want to take away your play time either! Have a think and a chat to me on Monday and we’ll see if we can work something out. 🙂

  2. I like Iggy’s poem because I really felt Wilbur’s fear and worry in the poem. He also gave a great visual of the manure and the scraps.

  3. Hi Mrs Moore,
    I have noticed that the water colour insects aren’t up on this page yet. Are they going to be?

    • Thank you Penelope for noticing and reminding – they are on this page now! It reminded me that we need to finish Year 1’s “I am Wilbur” poems. How are we going with those?

  4. Dear Mrs Moore,

    I had lots of fun looking at everything on this page.
    This page makes me look back at all the fun activities I had done in the past.

    What’s your favourite flip book or youtube clip on this page?

    • Hi Esther.
      I do hope that you are feeling better and will be back at school soon!
      I agree – we have done lots of fun things – and so many of them are not even recorded. My favourite flip book would be the I Am Wilbur book. I love the style Penny chose, but I especially love the poems. I was very proud of the work that you all did for that. (Which reminds me … Penny started the grade 1 book – we must get that finished! Can you remind me please?)
      I also loved your Three Clever Pigs book! What an amazing effort!
      What is your favourite book/video clip?

    • Good maths Samara! It’s fun to see how many visitors we have each year and especially to see that they have come from all over the world! THAT is what makes blogging so special!
      Do you think we can make it to 1000 before the end of the year?

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