Leonard’s Time at the Crocodile Park

I am on holiday in Broome with my family. Broome is in the northern part of Western Australia. I went to the crocodile park with my brothers and sister and my mum and dad. To enter the park, you walk inside a giant crocodile.

At the park, the dominant males fight for territory and breed with the females. This is me holding one of the hatchlings.

This is Bluey, he was found in a dam after it was drained because 5 horses had been killed. He was taken to the crocodile park to live. Bluey is 5 metres long and weighs over a tonne!

Crocodiles have over 60 teeth. Crocodiles have the strongest bite of all animals. The owner of these teeth was separated from the other crocodiles because he killed some other crocodiles.

The park was very interesting and I had lots of fun.