Welcome to our classroom!


A quiet place to sit and read.

pics 034

We have colourful pencils to remind us of the things we have happening on each day:


Pretty dragon flies we made decorate the wall above the old fireplace:


Rather than using icy-pole sticks with our names on the end for our “no hands up” times, we are using funky straws! (We borrowed the idea from Miss Shepherd!) Red ones for our whole class, blue for our spelling group, and yellow for our maths group. Thanks Miss shepherd!


Meet “Jaws”. He is a squeaky toy we use for our super noisy times; excitable science sessions for example!

Luckily we don’t need him a lot as we are normally a pretty quiet class …




13 thoughts on “OUR CLASSROOM

  1. Awesome class 1/2 Moore it looks a lot more different than when I was in it.
    What are your future goals for your blog?

    • What a great question Xavier! I have several goals … to connect the class to the world, to inspire the children to write, to share the wonderful things that happen within our classroom, a way for the children to communicate their passions …
      Goals are a wonderful thing Xavier. They can keep you reaching for the stars! Do you have any personal or goals you would like to share?

  2. What a lovely classroom. I especially like the dragon flies. They remind me of my uncle’s goldfish pond. Do you change those insects every term or do they live there all year?

    Ryk (Claudia’s Dad)

  3. What an interesting idea Ryk! What fun to make a different insect or … something … each term to display! Let’s throw it over to the children to think of something to do next!
    LOVE having parents helping with planning! YAY!

  4. Hi my name is Matthew. 1/2 Moore we have an awesome class! I think the straws is a good idea. What is our next idea in our class.?

        • I am really not too sure Matthew! I am VERY SORRY for not recognizing your comments straight away! You are doing a wonderful job and I am thinking that you would like to be a contributor. Would I be right? Try one more comment to show me that you have read the guidelines and particularly the poster on how to make a 2 point comment.
          Good luck, and keep blogging – it is great to see!
          P.S. Have a FABULOUS birthday party!

          • Yes I would love to be a contributor. It is ok that you got mixed up. I could not count how many comments I have posted.

  5. Mrs Moore I had a awesome party at inflatable world. I like our classroom too. Have you herd of inflatable would

  6. The Pokemon balls weren’t any good because they don’t have the marking and you could see them in the clear ball ?.???My birthday is in 6 days. I got 2 futsal boots.⚽️l bought an arsenal ball⚽️. I had sushi and daddy had a coffee ☕️. I got socks for my boots. My boots have shapes on them and they are grey⚽️. My ball was for puma and they have a big blue tick. Oscar invited Blair over. I wort my messi teacher and my old shoes are wrecked.?????from Edgar

  7. Hi, Mrs Moore your classroom looks a bit different from last year when I was there I really miss Goulburn st hope you all have fun this year wish you all the best.

    From Ines

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