The Best Teacher Ever is…

MRS MOORE! We all had a great time with Mrs Moore. I loved learning about the Thylacine! (@ ) It was great doing the end of year assembly about the book: The Dream Of The Thylacine! (By Margaret Wild and illustrated by Ron Brooks). On our history/science sharing day, Olive and I  dressed up as Mary Roberts, the owner of Beaumaris Zoo. The last thylacine lived there.

Thylacine Arthur Chapman via Compfight

Mrs Moore gave me a blog! (See @ I also now have a youtube channel too (see @ I hope you enjoy!

We show Mrs Moore a lot of gratitude.

Thxs for making this year the best!

Kindness by Brook and Rosie

Kindness means to do something or say something nice to another person. Rosie’s dad says “treat other people how you would like them to treat you!” How you can be kind is: helping an elderly person cross the street, when someone loses their money, return it, play with someone who’s all alone or help someone who’s hurt. Look at the Taguls below to find out more words for kindness.