Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler has been an insightful read these past 2 or so months, and I must admit that it has changed some of my thinking about mathematics and in my teaching of mathematics. As parents, I thought you may want to view the norms/beliefs that I will be encouraging with my students this year. (Some I have used for several years.) It would be fabulous if you used the same norms at home when ever you are using maths or talking about it with your child. If we are all on the same page and using the same language, then  many more students will find enjoyment in mathematics and achieve at higher levels.

“There is a huge elephant standing in most
math classrooms, it is the idea that only
some students can do well in math.
Students believe it, parents believe and
teachers believe it. The myth that math is a
gift that some students have and some do
not, is one of the most damaging ideas that
pervades education in the US and that
stands in the way of students’ math

Jo Boaler:

Click on the clip below to take you to these norms for my class 2018!

reading chart


Growth Mindset for Parents

A free resource built specifically for parents. This course provides several activities, videos, and even quizzes about your mindset. They are all short, (3-5 mins) quick lessons, totalling 30 minutes (if watched all in one session).

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GM for parents


I have shown these videos a couple of times to the children, and I really love them. I thought I might share them with parents too. They contain some really great messages – not just for children, but for us too! Kids – if your parents are not checking the blog – you may like to go grab them and get them to come and take look a with you.

growth mindset

Don’t say: Do say:
I’m so stupid. What am I missing?
I’m awesome at this. I seem to be on the right track.
I just can’t do ……. I’m going to train my brain in …….
This is too hard. This is going to take some time.
She’s so smart she makes me sick. I’m going to figure out how she’s doing it.
It’s fine the way it is, and yours isn’t any better. That’s an interesting idea for improvement.


growth mindset chart

A new article I hope you will find interesting, sent to me by Sue Wyatt on:

What Believing in the Possibilities Can Do for Learning and Teaching  by Thom Markham

Term 2 Worry Monster work:
This term we have talked about “avoidance”.

“Avoidance is the Worry Monster’s very best friend! The more a person avoids a certain situation, the stronger his worry and anxiety about it get.” (p.34 From Worrier to Warrior by Dan Peters)

We have made a start on some strategies to help us conquer the Worry Monster – Positive Self-talk and Belly Breathing.

We watched a clip of The Little Engine that Could in which the small engine says “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”. This is the kind of talk that encourages us and makes us strong. Try “I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid,” or “I can do it!” Find the words to change your thinking, and chase the worry Monster away!

We also tried some belly breathing. Ask your child to show you how we do it, and maybe the whole family could try it at home. All you need is one minute in the morning and one in the evening.


  • All worry exists in the future.
  • Stay focused on the present moment.
  • We don’t have to believe our thoughts – change them!
  • Deep breathing tricks our brain into thinking we are calm.

(Refer p.73)


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During the holidays I always enjoy catching up on reading, particularly about growth mindset.
What is this? Watch the YouTube clip below:

Over this break I have been revisiting the blog GROWTH MINDSET AND NEWSLETTER. I have added the link to this under “Useful Websites” on my sidebar. (I am not suggesting that you buy into this site, as there’s lots of free reading available). “Getting Started: Growth Mindsets and Effective Effort in Your Classroom” is worth a read and on the side bar of this particular blog there is a link to “Growth Mindset Parenting”. Have a look and see what you think. I will be continuing my work in this area with the children this term, and throughout the year. Let me know if you would like me to add more reading on this topic, or you may like to research it yourself. Carol Dweck is the guru on this topic and her YouTube clips are definitely worth a look.

snip growth mindset poster


How perfect is this poster? Thank you so much Bree (Iggy’s Mum) for putting me onto Peter H Reynolds work! His book and resources will be perfect to use with my class – and I will happily pass it onto other teachers at our school. In the meantime …. you could share this YouTube click with your child …

During term 1 I made a very humble start to our work on the Worry Monster. Time always seems to be an issue so I have deliberately timetabled a spot for this work on a Tuesday afternoon. You may like to check in with your child about what they learnt today in this area. I am using the book “From Worrier to Warrior” by Daniel B Peters for these lessons.

Click on the image or the link below if you would like to find out more about this book:



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  1. Great to see a focus on growth mindset. This is really important to instil a love of life long learning and build resilience .

  2. Thanks for the Growth Mindsets and Effective Efforts in Your Classroom link. I’ll enjoy having a look through this, and I’m sure will be able to incorporate some new information into our ‘home group’ time at Collegiate. A growth mindset is something I’ve been interested in for some time, and it’s so fabulous to see your class engaging with this at such a formative stage of schooling. Great work 1/2 Moore!

    The blog looks great, BTW. I particularly enjoy looking at the photographs as a sneak peak into your day! I can’t wait to see the next installment, will it be something art-related perhaps?

    Bree (Iggy’s mum)

  3. One more thing! I remembered one of my favourite books for encouraging a growth mindset in children. The book is The Dot, by Peter Reynolds. It’s all about having the courage to just make a mark, give it a go, and see where it takes you. There is even International Dot Day!

    • Thank you Bree for that lovely feedback and particularly for the book recommendation and dot day! Sounds fantastic! I will see if we can get hold of the book and will definitely be hooking up for this year’s dot day! I am truly loving this side of having a blog – great ideas from parents as well as the children!

  4. Hi 1/2
    I’ve just looked through your Dot Collages and been completely wowed – such a fabulous array of creations! It’s brilliant how one story can inspire such a diverse and interesting gallery of artwork. Well done everyone!
    Gillie, Vincent’s Mum.

  5. I think your class blog is fantastic and informative. Keep up the good work everyone! by Gillian , Iggy’s grandmother.

  6. Hi 1\2 Moore
    I’m Maggie from blacmrns bay primary school kiston from miss hortes class i hop you have locket at the blog from maggie bye 🙂

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