Where Children Sleep Around The World. 

From The Writing Book – Sheena Cameron

Check out these amazing photos of bedrooms all around the world. You could write about one of them, perhaps in a poem, or describe your own bedroom. Happy writing! 

Here’s a fun story or poem idea ….

Have fun making some CRAZY animals!

You may like to write a funny story or poem about the creature you have created! 🙂


Or maybe this …

Build your wild self character! How did you get to look like this? What do you do as your new self? Do you have an adventure? Perhaps you have more than one adventure …. and you write a series of books/chapters about these. How do you change back to your “own self”? OR … perhaps you don”t! Have fun writing!

build your wild self boy    BUILD YOUR WILD SELF


5 thoughts on “WRITING IDEAS

  1. Hi Mrs Moore,

    I had lots of fun making my wild self.
    This page reminds me of when Claudia, Penny and I went to Ad Astra and after all the puzzles and stuff, we got to do some of the games, Penny, Claudia and I normally went on Switch Zoo and we showed each other what we had made.

    Have you tried out Switch Zoo?

    • I am glad that you had fun with your “wild self” Esther – I can’t wait to see what you came up with. I wasn’t aware that Switch Zoo was on AdAstra, and yes, I have most certainly had a go. I agree – it is fun! Are you going to use your wild self picture for your avatar?

  2. I built my own wild self except on my computer I would click on one shape and it would come up with another. Luckily if I clicked on all of them I’d finally find the one I was looking for. I wonder if anyone else is having these technical difficulties.

    • Dear Penny,

      It actually happens with all computers for some reason.

      Perhaps the makers of “Build your wild self” tried to make it so when you clicked a shape it would come up with that same shape but they just couldn’t get it working?

  3. HI Mrs Moore,
    Making your wild self was fun and switch zoo too.
    And the children where some of them sleep look terrible I with I could help them.

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