X Ada

my pet!


Hello my name is Ada.

I love rabbits and blueberries.

I am in a 2/3 class and I am in grade 3 .

I love running carnivals and it was my first time and I got 2 firsts,  1 second,  1 third. I am so happy.

My birthday is June the 26. I was born in 2008 and I am 8.

I live in Hobart I love living here because it is quiet and peaceful 🙂

I am going to say this for a very good reason I love mind craft 🙂 🙂

Frame 1.jpg njcull via Compfight               minecraft 2 George via Compfight🙂 🙂

Ok I think you should let your child play mind craft because my dad says to me there’s some maths in it. I don’t know what you are going to say.

So if you like it you should get it 🙂

minecraft 2 George via Compfightminecraft 4 George via Compfightminecraft 3 George via CompfightMakible at SXSW 2012Creative Commons License Nicholas Wang via Compfight

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