X Brook

Hi. My name is Brook. I’m 8 years old. I have three older sisters. The older one is Kayla, then Hannah, then Charlotte. I’m the youngest. I was born in Hobart.

I love animals. I have nine pets – four cats, four fish and one dog. My favourite animal is a Tasmanian devil.

My birthday is April 13. My favourite food are apples.

I love palm trees. I love to read and draw. My favourite colours are purple and aqua.

I like to travel to other countries.

Tasmanian Devil, San Diego Zoo Animal People Forum

My favourite food is apples.

My best friends are Kitty, Stella, Rosie, Olive, Greta, Isabelle, Bruno, Ruth, Will, Charlotte, Hannah and Kayla.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Love, Le BooCreative Commons License DaPuglet via Compfight.

My pet’s name is Boom Boom.