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Little Sh1t (Sumo Fighter)

Sumo Fighting definition – Sumo or sumo wrestling is a competitive full-contact wrestling sport where a wrestler attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring or into touching the ground with anything other than the soles of his feet.

Our class take on this was the out of the ring or incapacitated.  Little Sh1t did reasonably well in this task.

base plan ideas.

  • keep a low centre of gravity to reduce risk of roll overs
  • make it light and fast to increase evasive success
  • use the weight handicap to our advantage

Little Sh1t went through several changes.

prototype 1
prototype 1 was remote controlled, this made it easy due to the robot not needing any code, our focus was on the build on the robot.  the first design had a claw attached to the back, the claw was meant to wrap the wheel and detach said wheel, this didn’t work due to other robots being able to move.  Little Sh1t was not the most well designed robot in the competition but had heart, this was a major driving force as well as the motors.

prototype 2

prototype 2 was autonomous, it had to run using sensors to calculate what it had to do, our plan was to write a program that simply moved forward and push the enemy off the platform, this however did not work due to other robots moving around the outer areas of the board.

The downside to our design was it didn’t have the capability to follow and attack opponents it was restricted to driving forward and spinning.

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