Creating Avatars

Over the last few Mondays with Mrs S we have been exploring one way of creating an image that could be used as an avatar.

An avatar is something which can be used to represent you when you are online. Many blogging sites allow you to have an avatar that will show next to your comments and when we are all finished our class with be able to use our very special avatars when leaving comments.

There are many online sites where you can create an avatar but Mrs S was trying to get our class to create one of their very own. She found some great advice on a blog post written by Bev Evans. We watch the movie about creating characters and had a go at making our own special characters. Mrs S created a template in MSPublisher for us to get started with. This gave us a square canvas to start our drawing. It was great fun exploring what we could do with Autoshapes and gradient fills. Here are some of the finished ones. They are posing on a couple of backrounds that Bev Evans had created and shared online for others to use.

It was great to learn about grouping shapes together, layering shapes by using the send forward and send backward tool, and to add different effects by editing the points of our shapes. The best part was being able to group all the shapes at the end and use the right click menu to save our creatures with a transparent background. This means we can also use them with programs like Scratch.

Hopefully when Mrs S comes back from her few weeks off work there will be more of these creatures to share with everyone. Thanks very much to Bev Evans for sharing such great how to videos. We loved being able to watch them again and again as we worked out how to make our very special creatures.

Please leave a comment to tell us whether you have ever made an avatar. How did you make it? Did you start from scratch or go to an online website? What else could we make using this great way of creating?


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  1. I recently finished making my Avatar,
    I made it using Publisher.
    I started from just a body and built onto it.
    I think we could make lots more artwork although it is not the best artwork creating tool.

  2. Hello Mrs Smith, class and other bloggers

    I love the avatars that everyone has made! I also loved making them too. It started off a bit hard but then once I got the hang of it I worked it out easy. Some people got to do two because they had time, But I could only make one because I did not have enough time.

    What was your favourite bit of making the avatars?

    From Demi 🙂

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