Term 1 – Done and Dusted!

The end of Term 1 and it just seems like yesterday when we all finding our way to new classrooms at the start of the term. What a busy term it has been. We have worked hard researching the early days of English settlement in Australia and the significant groups of people involved in this time. For some of our significant groups this time was an invasion and for others a forced move away from the lands they were born in. The soldiers, convicts, Aboriginals, sailors and free settlers all made contributions to the creation of Australia as we know it today.

We have worked on our writing and published several different pieces including some great work about changing the Australian Flag. This is a debate that continues to be current in our Australian community. We had the opportunity to come up with a new design for our flag. This led us to learning about the rules that govern flag designs.

Our grade 6 class members have travelled to Canberra and hopefully we will hear all about this when Term 2 begins as they went right at the end of the term.

We worked on an art exchange with a class in Victoria and are eagerly awaiting a parcel in return for the one we sent. We created sets of art trading cards to share with our blogging friends. Our cards have arrived at their destination so we can now share our artwork on our blog. Take a look at our Prezi to see the themes we chose and the finished artwork.

What do you think about the themes we chose? Have you traded art cards? Do you like creating? Please leave a comment to tell us your  thoughts.

Inspire Us Monday – 15th April 2013

Today we had three more Monday Speakers who shared a book, an inspiring video and a word that can be related to our work in class.

First up we heard all about the story by Anna Branford called Violet Mackerel’s Natural Habitat. This book seems to fit into the realistic fiction genre and the main character is a nine year old girl called Violet. Violet loves to help and this book sees her dealing with the dilemma of helping small things, especially a ladybug. Woven through the story are the interactions between Violet and the other members of her family that help us to find out more about them. Our speaker recommends the book to girls from Grade 2/3 through to Grade 5. It was interesting to hear that this was one out of a series of books all featuring Violet Mackerel as the main character.

After that there was another interesting video to watch. Wow, how scary would it be to face the challenges this young dancer went through to regain her mobility after brain surgery. It was interesting to hear her talk about the MRI scan that was done to detect her tumour.

Last of all we were introduced to the next word to be added to our wall of words. This week it was parliamentarian. Yikes, this is a long word! A great choice for this week as our Grade 6 students are visiting Canberra and will see where our Federal parliamentarians work whilst our Grade 5 students will be visiting our State Parliament to see our State parliamentarians at work. Our class will have seen two of our three levels of government at work.

Have you read a Violet Mackerel book? Do you know how an MRI scanner works? Have you visited Parliament house where our parliamentarians work? Please leave a comment to share your ideas with us.


Inspire Us Monday – 8th April 2013

This week we had more things to think about after our Monday Speakers had finished sharing.

First we heard from our Word Collector for the week who chose the word “mature“. He had a great explanation as to why this word could be connected to our class. He suggested that we had a class of mature students who were great at including all the class and who try hard to tolerate differences.

Next we watched a video from the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. What a terrific sporting achievement to be the first double leg amputee to compete in the Olympic Games. This athlete has gone on to become a controversial figure, after the Olympics, as he is facing trial in 2013 on charges of premeditated murder. The trial has not yet been held so there is yet to be a judgement about his guilt or innocence.

Last of all we heard about The Locket of Dreams by Belinda Murrell. From the genre of historical fiction this book tells the story of two sisters who are sent across the world, from Scotland, to live with strangers. It is told from the ¬†perspective of a girl who has travelled back in time to become a ghost who is watching events unfold. It was interesting to hear that the plot for this story was inpired by real events in the author’s family history.

We have now heard about several different books and each one has been from a different genre. Which genre is your favourite when choosing books to read? Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Realistic fiction or science fiction? Fantasy or folktales? Please leave a comment letting us know about your favourite books and their genre.