Term 1 – Done and Dusted!

The end of Term 1 and it just seems like yesterday when we all finding our way to new classrooms at the start of the term. What a busy term it has been. We have worked hard researching the early days of English settlement in Australia and the significant groups of people involved in this time. For some of our significant groups this time was an invasion and for others a forced move away from the lands they were born in. The soldiers, convicts, Aboriginals, sailors and free settlers all made contributions to the creation of Australia as we know it today.

We have worked on our writing and published several different pieces including some great work about changing the Australian Flag. This is a debate that continues to be current in our Australian community. We had the opportunity to come up with a new design for our flag. This led us to learning about the rules that govern flag designs.

Our grade 6 class members have travelled to Canberra and hopefully we will hear all about this when Term 2 begins as they went right at the end of the term.

We worked on an art exchange with a class in Victoria and are eagerly awaiting a parcel in return for the one we sent. We created sets of art trading cards to share with our blogging friends. Our cards have arrived at their destination so we can now share our artwork on our blog. Take a look at our Prezi to see the themes we chose and the finished artwork.

Creative Commons License The Turtle Steps by Pitx is licensed under a Attribution Noncommercial (3.0).

What do you think about the themes we chose? Have you traded art cards? Do you like creating? Please leave a comment to tell us your  thoughts.

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  1. Dear 5/6CS,
    My name is Eve and I’m from 5/6JC @ UPPS.

    We were all very excited to receive your Art/Trading cards, THANKYOU! 🙂 We have worked really hard to create some for you. It was great to receive something in the post and put some great excitment in the room.

    Thanks again,

    From Eve, 5/6JC @ UPPS

    • Thanks very much for leaving a great comment on our blog, Eve.

      We are glad that you enjoyed receiving our trading cards. It was fun creating these and everyone in the class came up with different ideas. We enjoyed exploring some new art techniques including reusing old book pages, using waterbrush pens and watercolour and collage.

      Do you enjoy art?

      Mrs S and 5/6 CS

  2. Hello Mrs S and 5/6CS,

    WOW! That was the first word that I thought of when we unwrapped your artist trading cards. They are super and we loved looking at them. You are all very talented artists! Thank you for the effort you put in. It inspired us to do the same.

    As Eve said, we have worked hard this week to make some cards to send to you. We got some of our ideas from your cards and we hope that you like them. They should arrive in the next week or so. Have you made artist trading cards before? This is our first time. But, I don’t think it will be the last because we enjoyed it so much!

    Hope you are all enjoying your holidays. Perhaps we will see you on Skype in Term 2?

    Miss Crowther

    • Hi Miss Crowther

      Thanks very much for leaving a fantastic comment on our blog. We enjoyed making the artist trading cards and found it very difficult to send them off but are very much looking forward to receiving a parcel in return.

      Maybe we will be able to set up a Skype session to share with your class the making of the trading card holder as Mrs S has not been able to find the instructions online anywhere. It would be interesting to see if we could be clever enough to teach you via Skype.

      We have not made trading cards before in this class but some of the class can remember doing this with Mrs S several years ago. We did not trade with another school then – only within the class. Trading with another school is a very different experience.


      Mrs S and 5/6 CS

  3. Hello Mrs S and class,
    I really liked the fact that all three cards we made had to have the same theme. I thought it was quite interesting that most people chose a nature theme! What theme did you choose?

  4. Hi my name is Madison,

    I am from 5/6jc. we have done the trading cards with you. I had Chloe’s card. I thought her card was really good.
    We will be sending our cards to you guys soon. Can’t wait till you get them.
    From Madison

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