Inspire Us Monday – 1st July 2013

An extremely windy day at school today that made it very difficult for our class to focus. Both our speakers and audience had to try very hard to ignore the noise from the gusts of wind outside our room.

Our first speaker for today shared an easy read book called Sam Snoop and the Mystery of the Noisy Car by John Parker and Matt Katz. It is part of a series of books, called Sprints,  written for young readers who are beginning to explore chapter books. It was interesting to learn that the main character, Sam, is a girl who solves mysteries. Some of the class connected this to other “who dunnit” books when writing their reflections. Sam’s sidekick is a dog called Sniff and throughout the book hints concerning the resolution of this narrative can be found in the thought bubbles attached to this character. Our main character, Sam Snoop, uses a great invention called an Amazing Earbox to help her solve the mystery of why Freddie Fast’s racing car is making a strange noise. Read the book to find out what happens at the end.

Next came our video for the week. A story that had recently been shared on the news and is now a book called A Long Way Home. A story of perseverance in the search for a family. Using memories of when he was 5 years old Saroo used modern technology to narrow down the search for his family after a series of unfortunate events separated him from all the family he knew.

Last was our word. A very quickly produced poster for our wall and a great connection to our current work about our solar system. A word with no vowels and many y’s. The word chosen was syzygy which is used to describe the alignment of three celestial objects such as the earth, moon and sun.

 Please leave a comment on this post to tell us about an easy read book you have enjoyed. Have you heard about Saroo and his amazing search? How would you feel if you became separated from your family? Leave a comment to tell us your thoughts.

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