Our Alien Creatures – a collaboration with 5/6JC

We have been working hard on another collaboration with our friends from 5/6JC. Miss Crowther was keen for us to continue working with her class after our trading card exchange. Her class were working on their writing skills and wanted to create some informational reports. We had an email conversation to work out the details of a collaboration where her class became the authors and our class became the illustrators. As our class have been exploring Space, Mrs S suggested that 5/6JC might like to write their reports about newly discovered alien species. They then emailed their reports to our class who were responsible for reading the information carefully and creating an illustration for the text.

This was a perfect opportunity for our class to revisit and practice some of the computer illustration techniques they had used earlier in the year to create avatars. Our avatars are displayed in the header at the top of our blog. Once we received our information reports we set to work reading carefully and sketching out some initial ideas. Once those ideas were on paper we found ourselves at computers all around the school working on the final product.

We had a very tight time frame. We had one day to sketch out our ideas, create our alien and save it into a folder for Mrs S to  access. Most of us were able to focus on our work and get this task done very efficiently and showcase our computer drawing skills. Sometimes it was a struggle to take the text and turn this into a picture but everyone enjoyed trying.

Here are our intial sketches and the texts we were sent by 5/6JC

And below are all the great illustrations. You will see both the artwork from our class and the original artwork created by the students of 5/6JC.

Please leave us a comment letting us know your thoughts about our artwork. What new alien species would you like to discover? What might they look like? Leave a comment with a description of your new species.

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  2. Hi, Chloe

    I’m Madison and I made the Marries alien.

    I think you did a good job at making my alien. I just want to ask you two questions, did you find it hard to make my alien? What was your favourite thing about making the alien?

    Bye for now

  3. Hello everyone!

    I loved seeing all of your alien creations and reading your feedback.

    It was fun and interesting comparing Matt and Anna’s ‘Pobbles’ alien with my original one. I also liked comparing Thomas’ drawing of my Rehtworc. You all did a great job. 🙂

    If you created an alien, what would you name it? What was the most amazing thing you learnt about space during your investigations?

    Thank you for helping us with our report writing. 🙂

    Miss Crowther

  4. Hello 5/6CS,

    I’m Tahlia and I was the creator of Fully Peace. Thank you for trying to recreate my alien. Ut was really close and I think Demi did a great job. Sorry if i wasn’t descriptive enough. If I was to find a new alien species i would call it Ziggy and it would be a gentle fast creature.

    Bye for now

    from Tahlia

  5. Hi Mrs Crowther,
    The most interesting fact I found in our space investigtion is that astronomers find out big things every few years and little things everyday. Mr Spencers 5/6 and our class had Paul Dobbie visit us and taught me that. If I were to make an alien I would name it raino. It would be a rainbow alien and would be very crazy. I did Dredz. I think the description for Dredz was very good.
    Kind Regards
    Emily from 5/6 CS

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