Inspire Us Monday – 23rd Sept 2013

Three more Monday Speakers this week. First we heard about the third book in a series called The Keepers by Lian Tanner. Our speaker was well prepared and delivered her talk without needing any notes at all. She read a small excerpt from near the start of the book that left us on a great cliffhanger that may have inspired some of us to read the book and find out more. The book, titled “Book Three – Path of Beasts” is the final part of the trilogy. Goldie, Toadspit and Bonnie are three of the main characters. The story is set in The City of Jewel and is a fast paced story with lots of action and interesting events within it.

Next we were introduced to our word of the moment. Our second speaker chose the word emigrate which is a synonym of migrate. People emigrate from their country to settle permanently in a new country. This word fits with our current class studies about the migration patterns in Australia after 1901. Emigrate is a verb with three syllables and the word originates from the Latin language.

Last of all we were presented with an interesting video.

Some of our class questioned whether this was real so Mrs S did some internet research before writing this post. She found some interesting information. There is a section on the website Snopes that gives the origins of this video and explains some of the misinformation that has been written on the web about the clip

It was originally created by a computer animation team call Animusic and is part of a set of animated music clips that are amazing to see. Real or not it is an inspiring video and it did inspire a group of computer technicians to create a computer controlled robotic orchestra. Even though this example is an animated creation it may inspire us to think about creating music using unusual items like plumbing pipes. Follow this link to see how the scientists at Questacon used pipes and a shoe to create different sounds. Other musical instruments have been created from bottle tops. Last of all you might like to find out about the Landfill Harmonic movie.

How might this animated music video inspire you? Have you read Lian Tanner’s books? Has anybody in your family history emigrated? Please leave a comment letting us know your thoughts about our book, movie or word.

Inspire Us Monday – 9th Sept 2013

Only two speakers to share this time. One of our speakers was unwell and was not able to present their book talk.

Our video this week was chosen to help us think about our latest classroom history questions. We are researching our migration history focusing on those who came to Australia after Federation occurred in 1901. Our speaker chose to share a video from the ABC Splash site which was originally shown on BTN. (Follow the link to see this video as we are unable to embed it in our post.) It shared the story of a recent migrant family from Liberia. He hoped that it would inspire us to reflect on how difficult it might be to arrive in a new country where everything is strange and unfamiliar.

Our word this week was also chosen to link with our history questions. When lots of people move out of an area all at once it could be called an exodus.

What did the video make you think about? What help would you need to get settled into a new home or a new country? Can you tell us about an exodus that has happened in history? Please leave a comment telling us your thoughts.

Inspire Us Monday – 2nd Sept 2013

It has been a long time since our last Inspire Us Monday. Unfortunately Mrs S was need for more time with her 4/5 class for a while and was unable to work with 5/6 CS. She is now back and we had our first Monday Speakers sharing today.

First of all we heard about one book in the series called Conspiracy 365 written by Gabrielle Lord. Our speaker was one of the first to have a go at not reading from notes at all and was very pleased with his efforts. He shared his thoughts about the book, told us very quickly a little bit about some of the characters and read an extract from the story. The book shared today was the second one in the series called February and our speaker suggest that readers who like action packed stories would enjoy this. The plot is fast paced with lots of thrills for the reader who must find out if the main character, Cal, will survive.

Next we were presented with a section of a video to watch. Our speaker chose this video because it has inspired him to think about magic and illusions. The video shows illusionist Stephen Frayne aka Dynamo walking on the River Thames. It definitely inspired some discussion in our class about how the illusion could have happened.

Last of all was our word of the moment. It is a noun that names a ballet pose. It can also be used as an adjective. It begins and ends with a vowel and contains the letter pattern ‘qu’ as in earthquake and disquiet.


Please leave a comment on this post to tell us about your thought on our book, video or word. Do you know any interesting facts about Gabrielle Lord? What is your favourite illusion? How do you think Dynamo worked his magic?