Imagine If We Were Powered from Space…

We have watched this video with Mrs C and afterwards we created posters showing what Hobart might look like in the future if we were able to meet our energy needs from a space based solar farm. Our posters are on display in the corridor outside our classroom.

energy 4

Energy 1

This term in Science we are exploring energy. We will be looking at different sources of energy and how these can be used to generate electricity. On the wall in our classroom we have some questions to guide our thinking.

energy 2

What are you curious about when you hear the word electricity? What sources of energy have you heard about? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Looking At Angles

In our Monday maths time we are looking at angles. Last week we refreshed our memories by doing a quick quiz about acute, obtuse and right angles.

The point of an angle is called the vertex and two straight sides or arms meet at this point. The angle is the amount of of turn between each arm.

parts of an angle

Degrees is the unit of measurement we use when describing the amount of turn between the two arms. We use a protractor to help us measure angles. The BrainPop website has a good video to watch. It explains angles and how we measure them. The following video shows us how to use a protractor to measure and create angles.

Which angle did we talk about last week that is not mentioned in the videos that Mrs S has shared in this blog post? What information can you add in our comments that will extend our knowledge of angles?