Creating Art and Exploring Mathematics

We have been exploring angles with Mrs S. Late last term we worked on calculating the measurement of angles that were created when we added crossed lines to a page. We ruled some lines on a piece of a paper. There were three lines going across the paper and four lines going down.

Angles On Page

We now had lots of angles on our page. We were asked to choose five of these to mark and measure using a protractor.

Angles On Page 1

We then used this measurement to work out the supplementary angle for each of these. We were able to use our knowledge of straight angles to help us. A straight angle is 180 degrees.

After all this hard work – measuring and calculating – we then used our page to create some art. We looked at the work of an artist called Piet Mondrian. In particular we looked at his later abstract works. These had a limited colour palette and used black straight lines that divided the canvas into bold shapes. We used these ideas to finish off our Angles Art. Each of us chose a colour palette that could only contain 3 colours and then we planned which of our spaces would stay white. We made sure that our lines were bold and black. Take a look at the end results.

Which colour palette would you choose if you were limited to three colours? Please leave a comment to share your ideas.