Our Dot Day Creations

Here are some of our Dot Day creations.

Rohan made a mark by creating a Scratch program. Click the green flag to watch his bouncing dots. Click the red octagon to stop the show.

We created a display outside our room with our blotting paper dots and our concentric circle patterns. We added a QR code directing those with a mobile device to our class blog post about Dot Day.

Dot Day display

Cascading Dots

We explored creating patterns using concentric circles. Each level out from the centre contained an extra element of our pattern.

What do you think of our dots? Have you used Scratch to create? How have you made your mark and where has it taken you? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.


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  1. I think your dots are amazing.

    I thought about doing something for International Dot Day, but wasn’t sure how educational it was. How wrong was I? What a great idea to use Scratch. What marvellous art, maths, language and ICT you did.

    We made our mark when we created a time capsule. We wrote about the town we live in, in Ireland. We have put it in a safe place in school. It is there for three years now. In seven more, it will be opened and we will have made our mark reminding people of our younger selves and our town in 2011

    I live and I learn 😉 Thank you for sharing 😀

    • Thank you for returning to our blog and leaving a great comment, Merry Beau.

      We enjoyed listening to the story of the dot and its message about courage and self belief. We used the idea of dots to share and explore some famous artists who used dots to create amazing artworks. On Mrs S’s Thinglink about Dot Day there is a link to a video from Wonderopolis where we watched an artist create a face using only black dots. Have you explored the Thinglink in our previous post?

      A time capsule is definitely a way to make a mark. Seven more years is a long time to wait. Did you know that there is a space probe called Voyager that is carrying a golden record which was created in 1977. I think that it might be the ultimate time capsule as it is still travelling out in space waiting to be found.

      Mrs S

  2. Well thanks to 5/6 Clark/Smith , this teacher will never under estimate the power of Dot Day again and will include it in my plans for next year. Thank you. Much appreciated.

    You also have made me curious about Thinglinks. I enjoyed yours. I must try them with my students.

    I must tell them too about the space probe and its time capsule. I wonder who or what will find that! And when?!

    With every good wish

  3. Hi there,
    This is the first time I’ve had a look at this page, and I’m very impressed! Some of those ‘dots’ look like they’d make really lovely necklace designs. They are really pretty.
    Thanks for sharing!

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