Translation, Rotation and Reflection

On Monday during Maths we discussed of some words we meet when working with tasks from the transformation and location section of the Measurement and Geometry strand of our Maths curriculum.

When working with a 2 dimensional shape we can rotate, reflect and translate the shape.

To translate a shape is to move or slide it up and down or from side to side without changing the shape in any other way.


To reflect a shape is to flip the shape over a mirror line.


To rotate a shape is to turn it around a given point. The distance from the centre to any point on the shape stays the same.


We worked in pairs, using Scratch, to create a program that demonstrated our understanding of one of these mathematical terms. Mrs S has added our work to a Scratch studio and embedded some below.

Have we demonstrated our understanding of translation, rotation and reflection? How else could we share our knowledge about transforming shapes? Please leave comment sharing your thoughts.

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  1. Hello fellow blogger’s
    I think we showed our understanding of translation, rotation and reflection with our scratch projects because you can tell if they are rotation, reflection or translation easily. other way we could show our knowledge of transforming shapes is to draw them on a piece of paper.
    From James.V

  2. Hello Everyone,

    Making an animation was hard at first because some of us had never used scratch before. After a while we worked out how to do it and even add in sound.

    To share our knowledge about transforming shapes, we could make a powerpoint presentation. In powerpoint you can demonstrate translation (slide), reflection (flip) and rotation (turn). You can demonstate them on pictures and words.

    Are there any other ways you can use to demonstrate translation, reflection and rotation?


  3. Hello Readers,
    I think using animations was a good way to work with math.

    I know another way to show reflection. You get a piece of paper and paint a shape on half of it, then you fold it in half and press. You should get something that looks like a reflection.


  4. Hi Mrs Smith,
    Yes, i think that we have shown translation, rotation and reflection.
    I also think that the vidio’s helped people to understand the meaning of translating, rotating and reflection.
    How we shared our knowladge was really good because it was easy to understand, and i cant think of any other way to share our work than on a slide like powerpoint but that was similar to the short sratch vidio’s.
    Kind regards,
    Lilly D:)

  5. Hi Mrs. Smith
    I think we have demonstrated our understating of translation, rotation and reflection because each project shows either rotation, translation or reflection.
    I think some other ways we could share our knowledge about transforming shapes is to draw a picture or make a model.

    From Angus

  6. Hi class,
    I think we have demonstrated our understanding of translation, rotation and reflection very well.

    Some Ideas that I had ideas are that you could use pivot or even your own stop motion with a camera.
    Kind regards, Thomas

  7. Hello fellow bloggers
    Yes they have made a good demonstrated way to understand translation, rotation and reflection.
    Another way to demonstrate our understanding of translation, rotation and reflection is to put it on a poster, web page and a book.

    Sincerely James E

  8. Hi everyone,

    I realy liked playing aroung with scratch. I think the best bit of scratch is the sounds, its realy fun spaming the sound buttons.

    I think we have explaind rotations reflections and trancelations well with scratch.

    From Sam

  9. Dear Students and Teachers

    This is a very interesting post. The graphics are very eye catching.

    I particularly like the links in the post to explanations of translations, rotations and reflections.

    I thought the way the students were able to think about their work and post comments of their reflections was exemplary.

    Keep up the good work. It is great to see it on the World Wide Web.

    With every good wish

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