Exploring Cartesian Coordinates

On Monday we started some work on Cartesian coordinates with Mrs S. It gave us another opportunity to explore Scratch which uses Cartesian coordinates to locate sprites on the stage.

scratch stage

The Scratch stage showing the coordinates for locating sprites.

Cartesian coordinates allow us to give a precise location to an object on a grid or graph. We use a numbering system – (x,y) – to name the locations on a graph. The first number in the ordered pair is always on the horizontal axis and the second number is always on the vertical axis.

We used a grid that was the same size as the Scratch stage to draw our initials in the upper left quadrant and work out the coordinates of the points we would need to draw these using a sprite and the PEN commands in Scratch. For those who finished this challenge the next step was to translate, rotate and reflect our initials in the other quadrants of the Scratch stage. We are still working on our projects and have shared some of our unfinished ones via the Scratch website.


Have you played any games that use coordinates? Where and when would it be useful to use coordinates? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.