Previewing a yet to be published book by Peter Millett

Twitter message

Our class was very lucky to receive an invitation to preview the beginning chapters of a new book written by Peter Millett. He a New Zealand author who has written many books including one called The Anzac Puppy.

He has written a new book  called Johnny Danger D.I.Y. Spy. The book is in the process of being published by Penguin Books and has been sent to the printers. It will be available to purchase early in 2015.

After Mrs S replied to a Twitter invitation from Peter Millett to take a look at the beginnings of this story she received an email with three attachments. They were a synopsis of the story, the cover of the book and the beginning chapters for us to read.

We read it altogether by displaying it on our IWB and some us took it in turns to read some out loud. We asked Mrs S to read most of it so that we could listen carefully before working on our responses to the story. We share the link to our work with Peter and it was terrific for us to receive responses to our work back from him. Follow this link to see his comments.

Have you read any books by Peter Millett? Do comedy books appeal to you? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.