Solving Problems in Maths

Last week with Mrs S we used our maths knowledge to solve an open ended problem in Maths. An open ended problem has several or many correct answers.

When we first read an open ended maths problem we need to look for the maths terms that we must understand to be able to work out an answer. We also have to work out the steps we will take to record our answer so that we can demonstrate our knowledge to best of our ability.

In last week’s problem we needed to known about parallelograms and coordinates. After looking through our work Mrs S created some charts about parallelograms to put on our Maths wall. She combined our different suggestions into a definition of a parallelogram.


Our definition of a parallelogram.

Our Maths wall now has some different types of parallelograms on display. Each poster uses words and mathematical notations to help us remember these shapes.




Rectangle – one special form of a parallelogram


Rhombus – one special form of a parallelogram.


Square – one special form of a parallelogram.

 Have you solved any open ended maths problems? How did you show your understanding? Where might you see some parallelograms being used? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.