Creating Angle Fish

During Maths on a Monday with Mrs S we have been working on some posters about angles. Measuring and creating angles using a protractor is one of the content descriptors in the Year 5 Mathematics curriculum.

Angles Content Description Year 5

Mrs S found some inspiration on the internet via this blog and challenged us to create a poster with four quadrants that contained fish that represented different angles. We created Right Angle Fish, Acute Angle Fish, Straight Angle Fish and Obtuse Angle Fish. All of our fish needed to be correctly labelled, measured and marked. We need to extend the rays of our angles so that it was easy to use a protractor to measure the angle of each fish’s mouth.

Here are some of our finished posters.

Some of us are still a little confused about how to correctly measure our angles. Using a protractor can be a tricky as it contains two sets of numbers and we needed to be very careful to check that we used the correct set to measure our angles.

Have you used a protractor? What angles are missing from our poster? Why might we have avoided making fish for the angles that are missing? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Artist Trading Cards 2015 exchange

Our class was offered the opportunity to create and send some Artist Trading cards to a class in Victoria. Mrs Smith and Miss Crowther, their teacher, had participated in a trade 2 years ago. They have since participated in several other exchanges of ideas and information. This year they both hoped to have another turn at exchanging Artist Trading cards and discussed the idea via a flurry of emails.

trading cards

Trading and admiring our new cards.

Artist Trading cards are small pieces of art created on cards that are always 64mm x 89mm in size. Most cards are traded or exchanged for other cards. On the back of the cards there is often some information about the artist and the cards they have created.

Both classes have worked very hard to create their cards and at last we have made our exchange by mail.

We had posted off our parcel and have been waiting for a parcel to arrive. It arrived on Thursday and this was a good day as both Mrs S and Mrs C were at school. This meant that our class and both teachers could have fun finding out the contents of the package that arrived at the school office during the morning.


An intriguing parcel awaiting opening.

We had to wait until after recess before participating in a lucky dip to receive a set of cards. Each set of cards came with a neat label describing the artist and their interests. There was also a little treat tucked in amongst the cards.

Each member of the class had a lucky dip to find some cards and a surprise.

Each member of the class had a lucky dip to find some cards and a surprise.

Thanks very much to Team 5/6 from UPPS for creating some great trading cards. Follow the linked text to see more about the cards created by the class in 5/6 at Upper Plenty in Victoria.

More of the great cards we received.

More of the great cards we received.

Mrs S created an Animoto of the cards we sent off to Victoria. We chose to use a theme for our cards.

Have you ever created any very small art? What would you use to decorate a set of trading cards? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.