Term 3 Commences

50 degree angle Jimmie via Compfight

We have just had a lovely two week break from our classroom and we are now at the start of Term 3.

We will be having another busy term with class work, sport, music, the Grade 6 trip to Canberra and many other learning opportunities.

With Mrs S on Mondays we will continue to work at our understanding of angles before moving on to working with 3D shapes. To start our term we will need to refresh our memories about the maths vocabulary we use when measuring and caculating angles. There is a great review and introduction to angles video at Maths Antics.

Last term we created and measured obtuse, acute, straight and right angles. We used protractors and rulers to help us with our work. This term we will look at how we can use our knowledge about straight and right angles to work our angles with out needing to find a protractor to help us.

Have you calculated the measurement of an angle without a protractor? How might this be possible? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

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