Let’s Collaborate

Earlier in the year Mrs Smith received an email from Miss Crowther and the children of 5/6 Team@UPPS. It let us know that she would be travelling to Tassie with some of their class on a school trip. She asked about spending a day with our class.


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Oh, wow! What a great idea. We would get to meet some of the children we have exchanged Trading cards with and Mrs S would get to meet someone that she has only spoken with via email or Skype over the last four years.

The answer was definitely yes and the date was quickly added to the school calendar.

As the day drew closer Mrs S thought and thought and thought about what we could do. She felt that this would be a great day to collaborate in person so we were sorted into groups of 4. Each group had children from both schools. During the day we worked together and got to know each other as we created some tetrahedral kites.

Before we started with the kite making the 5/6 CS students gave the 5/6 UPPS students a tour of our school and found out a little about our guests.


Making the kites was a little tricky at first. To start we watched a video. Then we read through the instructions and worked out how to join six straws together with string to create a tetrahedron. Thank goodness for pieces of wire as this made threading the string through the straws a little easier. We learnt that tying good knots was important when repairs were needed on one kite which did not quite get out the door for the first test fly. All was good once some knots were retied.


Working together gave us the opportunity to combine four small kite sections together to create a bigger tetrahedral kite. Our fickle weather made the first test fly of our kites a little troublesome but eventually all the kites were in the air. Take a look at our Animoto to the see the fun.

It was fantastic fun meeting our online buddies and creating kites, talking, flying kites, talking and playing games. The day flew by and then 5/6 UPPS headed off to see some more of our great state.

Have you worked together to create something? Have you flown a kite? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Creating Street Art

It has been a long time between posts. Grade 5/6 CS have been busy investigating birds, working on their understanding of Australian Government, creating 3D book reports and working with graphs. Amongst all of this we were very lucky to have some visitors from the Clarence Council who helped our class work on some stencil art. Over two weeks we cut out some stencils and then used these stencils with spray paints on large pieces of light weight board to create some art. Cutting out the stencils meant being very careful with sharp cutting blades. We used cutting mats to protect our work surfaces.

5-6CS Street Art

When we were working with the spray paints we were all outside and dressed in gear to protect our clothes. We also wore eye glasses, masks and gloves to make sure that we were being safe as we painted. We needed to share the pray paint colours and were shown some techniques to help us. Using the spray paints was a sticky business.

Take a look at the Animoto of our work.

Have you ever created art with stencils? What kind of stencils have you used? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.