Creating Spirolaterals

We are one week into Term 4. The last term at our school for our Grade 6 classmates. Time has flown by since the start of this year.

To start our term Mrs S found an interesting Maths challenge that mixed Maths and Art. We created some spirolaterals.

Spirolaterals using the 10 time table

Spirolaterals using the 10 time table

Spirolaterals are geometrical images that are created by repeating a simple rule. For our spirolaterals we explored the patterns in our multiplication tables. Mrs S found a blog post with a video and that was our introduction to creating spiral patterns by following a rule.

Multiples of 10 explanation

Firstly we needed to write down the multiples of the number we chose and then reduce all double digits to single digits to get our pattern of steps for the spiral. Each turn was 90 degrees and we needed to always turn in the same direction. This could be clockwise or anticlockwise.

For the multiples of 10 the steps started by moving 1 square and turning 90°, then 2 squares and turn 90°, 3 squares and turn 90° , 4 squares and turn 90° and so on until the largest part of the spiral at 9 squares before starting again with 1.

Below are some of our trials. Many of us are still working on finishing our patterns.

It all sounded easy but keeping track of the steps and turns needed lots of concentration.

What patterns have you noticed in the multiplication tables? Do you think that all the patterns in the multiplication tables will create a closed spiral pattern. Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.