Blogging and Commenting Guidelines

Listed here are some tips and tricks to help us with our blogging journey.

BE SAFE and think about your digital privacy.

  • Use your first name only to identify yourself. Email addresses asked  for on our comment form will only be visible to Mrs S.
  • Avoid using your family name, street address, phone number and home email when blogging.
  • Try not to tell the time and location of the things we take part in. (e.g. talk about your dance practice but leave out the where and when)
  • Parents and other family members who leave comments are asked not to use last names either. (Please post comments as “Jimmy’s mum” or “Megan’s grandfather”, etc.)

BE LITERATE and take care with your spelling and grammar.

  • Check your work before you click the SUBMIT COMMENT or PUBLISH buttons.
  • Texting language is not part of our class blog.
  • Proofread your work making sure you check for typing errors, capital letters and fullstops or other puctuation.
  • Spelling does matter. We would like others to be impressed by our digital footprint.
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We welcome visitors to our blog and would really like to strike up a conversation. Here are some tips to help first time “commentors” on their way.
  •  Please remember we are learning as we go so all comments are moderated before they will appear on our blog.
  •  Tell us what you liked about our work and our post and ask some questions for us to think about.
  •  We will read all comments and try hard to give your comment an answer to keep the conversation going.
  •  Please leave your URL so that we may return the visit.
  •  We welcome correct spelling and punctuation so that we can understand your comments.  Our teachers will proofread just in case your comment needs a little help.

Thanks very much to the following sources of information on blogging guidelines.

Not Sure How To Add A Comment?

Here is a great poster explaining the characteristics of a quality comment. The very last tip is a great one. Thanks very much to Kathleen Morris for sharing all of her great work on classroom blogging.

3/4 G’s Class Blog has a great explanation about commenting and how to add a comment.