Investigating Adaptations with a focus on Birds

For our Science Inquiry with Mrs C we have just completed some work on birds and the adaptations they have developed to survive in their environments.

Each of us selected a bird and researched to find out the physical and behavioural adaptations it needed to live in the environment it could be found in around the world.

As part of the presentation of our information we created scaled 3D models of our birds. Take a look at some of our finished models.

Have you created a 3D model before? What materials did you use? Do you have any interesting facts about birds? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Imagine If We Were Powered from Space…

We have watched this video with Mrs C and afterwards we created posters showing what Hobart might look like in the future if we were able to meet our energy needs from a space based solar farm. Our posters are on display in the corridor outside our classroom.

energy 4

Energy 1

This term in Science we are exploring energy. We will be looking at different sources of energy and how these can be used to generate electricity. On the wall in our classroom we have some questions to guide our thinking.

energy 2

What are you curious about when you hear the word electricity? What sources of energy have you heard about? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.