Word of the Week – government

This week we took a closer look at the word government as our word of the week. Mrs S chose this word because it was a common spelling error in some of our writing recently.

Sometimes the way that we say a word can be troublesome for when we are trying to spell it. We may not hear all the letters we need to use when writing a word correctly.

Which words do you know that can trick us when we are spelling because there is a letter we do not hear? Leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Word of the Week – tenacity

Each week we are taking a closer look at one interesting word. This week our word is tenacity. We think about all our spelling knowledge and make connections to help us remember how to spell and use our focus word. Take a look at our observations in the prezi below.

Are there any other spelling or vocabulary observations we could make about the word tenacity?

One of the spelling activities we do during the week is to write our individual spelling list words in sentences. By doing this we show that we understand the meanings of the words we are learning. Writing an interesting sentence can sometime be a challenge.

Please leave a comment on this post sharing an interesting sentence using our word of the week.