Tracking the Weather

We collaborated with other classes around the globe in early 2014 to share and explore the differences in our weather.

We collected data about the weather via a Google Doc form. The form we used to collect our information was added as a link to our school intranet page as we were the only ones who needed to use it. Each other class who joined us also had a form that was unique to them.

All the information was collated in a Google Doc spreadsheet so that we could create graphs comparing different data sets. Each class had a separate section in our spreadsheet so that we could see the data separately and then choose how we wished to compare it.

Follow the picture link below if you would like to see the master spreadsheet and compare our data.

Follow the picture link to see all our data.

The Bureau of Meteorology tracks the weather in Australia. As well as forecasting the weather it is possible to look at all the observations made over time. Hobart has two observation points. One in the city and one at Hobart Airport. Sometimes the observations are very similar but there can be times when the weather is very different.