What I am Looking Forward To In Term 2

I am so excited to be back at school even though I was enjoying my holidays.
What I am looking forward to the most this Term is going to AGFEST. The 3-6’s will be attending AGFEST on Thursday the 5th of March. Some of us are going with our parents and a few friends, some of us are going with a friend and their parent, and some with a teacher.

I am also looking forward to doing 5/6 Sport. For 5/6 Sport you get to chooses your sport out of Football, Hockey and Netball. I am doing Netball.


What are you looking forward to in Term 2?

By Paige M


5/6 Soccer Gala Day

We all had a great time at Perth football ground,

When we first got there, there was a abundance of people that were participating, we then put on our soccer gear and was told which ground we played on. There were 5 schools including us the teams were split into, boys team 1, boys team 2 , girls team 1, girls team 2 and mix team. We all tried our best and had fun, some people slipped in puddles and some of us were undefeated. Only one team lost so we all tried our hardest it was a fun day for everyone that participated.


If you came what was your favourite part?

By Deagan and Nelson

Mother’s Day

For Mothers Day our class made flower pots out of cement and painted them. We also made our cards using shades of different colours and made a bookmark out of a button.

For homework we had to collect the recipe to our favourite meal. We then typed up our recipes and made a class recipe book for our mums.

From Mia and Ella

What did you do for Mother’s Day?


On Thursday the 5th of May we went to Agfest. Once we arrived we got into our groups then we headed off with our adult. Most of us won prizes for participation and some some people were on the Southern Cross news that night. After a while we stopped and had lunch, most of us bought our lunch. Also everyone got some free things. I saw a 2016 Ford GT Mustang at the Jackson Ford Motor Company site. Ty, Alex. I saw the Flying Doctors service. Eve and I did a colouring in competition. We also saw the dummy in the plane. It could draw blood , cough and could blink.

It was a great day at Agfest! I hope we get to go next year.

By Ty, Alex and Isabel


What was your favourite part of Agfest?

Queensland Holiday

On the 3rd of May I went to Queensland. It took 2 plane trips to get there. We took a plane from Launceston to Sydney, then from Sydney to the Gold Coast. We went with another family. As soon as we got there we got picked up by a car and went to the car rentals place, where we got a car to drive around in. We got to the house that we were staying in and had a look around. The house was awesome! It had a salt water pool, a sandpit, and enough room to sleep 15 people. The day after we got there went to Sea World where I got my hair plaited with beads. At Sea World we saw penguins, polar bears, sharks, stingrays, SpongeBob and loads of other fish. I went on a ride that was Viking themed. We went on it about 5 times and still wanted to go on it again. At Movie World we went on the Wild West Falls where you go down backwards and down forwards. It takes a picture of you when you go forwards. We went on it so many times that we ended up pulling funny faces by the of the ride where they take the photos.

I had a fabulous time in Queensland.

By Hailey

Have you ever been on a holiday out of Tasmania before?

Murphy’s Visit

Murphy, Wills dog came to visit the class on Tuesday. He is fluffy, cuddly, playful and bites a lot. He likes everyone in the class. He is so small and he snores when he sleeps. Murphy runs around, he jumps around and he likes watching Will play video games.

By Will and Tyrell

Friday Athletics Field Events

On Friday the 4th of  March all of the grade 3-6s went to the football grounds to compete in the field events (long jump, shot put and vortex) and the 800 meters running. We moved around in Grade groups to compete in each event. Lots of people won ribbons and everyone tried their best.  Thank you to al of the teachers and parents that helped with the different activities. It was a fun afternoon!

By Shaykira

Primary Athletics Carnival

On Monday the 7th of March, 2016 the primary classes (3-6) went over to the Longford football grounds, for our annual athletics carnival.

All the students tried their best to get a place and have fun. A special thanks to Mrs Scott and Mr Tantari for their outstanding work in running the carnival and our KMHS students who came along to help. Lots of students won a ribbons and stickers, but a huge congrats to these people from our class who made it to the Northern Midlands.

Lily, Paige M, Nelson, Tyrell, Mia J and Madi

By Ty, Ryan and Lily

What do you enjoy most about the Athletics Carnival?

beginning of the year

To begin the new year in 4/5 Farran we did an activity on mason jar pictures with information about ourselves. For example age, grade, about our family, what we want to be when we get older, our full name, favourite colour, food and more.

We also had a chance to share about our holidays with the class and then write and draw about it.

We created some Art where we had to draw a picture of our holidays in some glasses. On an A4 piece of paper we drew a portrait of ourselves and when we finished the glasses we glued the glasses onto our portrait.

I think they look really cool.

By Paige T

What are some our your favourite things?

Pink Stumps Day

On Friday the 11th of March our school hosted a Pink Stumps Day. Pink Stumps Day is where you wear pink and raise money to support the McGrath Foundation. The McGrath foundation is a Breast Cancer Support. They raise money to employ more breast care nurses for women recovering from breast cancer. Our School supported it by wearing pink and having a Staff v Students cricket match and Cricket based activities. This year we raised $460.06 which means we beat the amount we raised last year ($317)! Thankyou to everyone who helped out with organising Pink Stumps day. A special thank you to Mr Tantari for the cricket activities, the Grade 6 Daily Fitness Leaders for the running of the activities and to Mrs Farran for organising the whole day. Also a huge thankyou to everyone who supported such and important cause by wearing pink and making a donation.

By Bree, Paige M and Ella