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IndigoHi Everyone,

We are glad that you have joined us for a year of blogging. This year we are going to  learn about blogging and writing posts about things we are interested in.

This year we have some students and families who are familiar with blogging and some who are new to the experience. Sometimes we will write a post where you have to leave a comment. Comments are always written politely. Mention who you are writing the comment to and your first name only at the end.

For example

Hi Mrs F,

I am really glad my daughter is learning how to blog, this is a great chance for parents to comment as well.

From Emma (Sarah’s mum)

What are you looking forward to about Blogging in 4/5 Farran ?

7 thoughts on “Welcome to our Blog

  1. Wonderful Paige! I am glad you’re looking forward to writing some posts this year. I am looking forward to our class developing their ICT skills by using the blog regularly too. I think we are going to have a fabulous year.
    From Mrs Farran

  2. Hi Mrs Farran,
    I am glad to be in your class again this year. Thankyou for making a blog again. I really enjoy blogging.
    I am looking forward to posting about the fun things that we do in this class.
    you are a fantastic teacher and we’ve had a great start to the year and I hope we do a heap of amazing and fun things.

    from Hailey

    • Thank you Hailey. You’re pretty amazing yourself. It is wonderful to have so many of the same people in our class again this year. I’m sure we will have a fantastic year and I can’t wait to do all of the fun learning too.
      Mrs F

    • I agree Paige T, it will be fantastic posting all of the fun things we have been doing in 4/5 F this year. Congratulations on receiving your pen licence.
      Mrs F

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