For word study we created a creative sentence using a word for each sentence. Here are my sentences.

word:glove box

I opened the shattered glove box to find nothing but cobwebs and rotten bones and there it was the golden book.


I was stuck in the dark cage, I threw my bleeding fist at the lock one more time. I’m giving up, I thought to myself, it’s so claustrophobic I can barely breathe anymore.

word: veranda

I crawled over the veranda, the rotten flesh was sticking to my knees making the slice on my knee sting worse than five million blastin’ paper cuts.

word: appreciate

I appreciate your help said the small dwarf as he scampered away into the darkness.

word: successful

My search was successful I had finally found it the paper was rotting away slowly as I held it against my exploding chest.

Word: surplus

I grinned as a surplus of strong warriors standing right before me “Thankyou Master” I said to the tall bulky man standing beside me.

Word: Dog

The dog leaped over the fallen trees as a sharp breach sliced his filthy side but she didn’t care  she was determined to find her son.

Thanks for reading.

Can you think of an interesting sentence for the words above?


2 thoughts on “Sentences

  1. Word – Successful
    I believe that all students in our class will have a successful year if they try their best at all times.
    Word – Veranda
    On the creaky veranda sat a fragile old lady, she slowly rocked to the sound of the whistling wind in her antique rocking chair.

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