Harmony Day

Monday the 21st of March was Harmony Day. Harmony Day is a day to celebrate cultural diversity.  It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Yesterday our class celebrated the day by sharing things about the different cultures within our class. Isabel, Bree, Bianca, Eason, Eve and Shaykira brought in items for our class and shared with us stories about their families and culture.

As a part of our celebrations we enjoyed trying some homemade traditional foods, looking at artwork, different dances, and currency and learning how to crochet and speak in Chinese, Spanish and Filipino.

Thank you to Eason’s family for making our class dumplings (Chinese), Bianca’s family for cooking Chicken Adobo with rice (Philippines) and Isabel’s family for cooking Empanadas (Chilli). All of the food we had to try was delicious. Thank you to Eve’s gran for teaching us how to crochet too.

It was a fun day learning about different cultures.


By Hailey and Bianca

Do you have any special family traditions? Have you tried any interesting food dishes?


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Our Story Performance

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On Tuesday the 1st of March we had a performance called Our Story. We learnt about the history of Australia in a fun way, including comedy, tricks and jokes. The names of the people who performed  were The Professor and Neville. Neville was quite funny and he was acting like a baby, the professor was funny and serious at the same time. We learnt all about the history of Australia and all about how aboriginal people, women and people that didn’t own land weren’t aloud to vote. We also learnt a bit about the First Fleet and the Gold Rush. In the gold rush people from all over the world came to Australia to dig for gold and because of that now there are people that live in Australia from over 200 different countries. We enjoyed that performance it was funny and educational. At the end they answered some questions and someone asked the Professor to do a head stand and he did it and everyone started laughing at him.

By Bianca and Paige M