Grade 5 Science Discovery Day

On the 10th of March Thursday Grade 5 students from Longford Primary School went to Prospect High School for a Science Discovery Day. Seven different schools attended the day to compete against each other. The maths and science based activities were called Earthquake, String Along, Eco House, Get a Grip, Minipult, Get Over it, ElectraCity and Mars Buggy. Some of the activities were hard as well as fun and some were just fun. Our school won two of the activities for the day (Get over it and Minipult). At the end of the day scores were close but the school that won was Hagley. A big thank you to the University of Newcastle for organising the fun day we had and to Prospect High for hosting it.

It was a great day and we hope we can attend next year.

By Jakob and Bianca

One thought on “Grade 5 Science Discovery Day

  1. Hi,
    One of my favourite things was making a Mars buggy because my team needed one more cm to get the highest score. We were really annoyed!


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