Queensland Holiday

On the 3rd of May I went to Queensland. It took 2 plane trips to get there. We took a plane from Launceston to Sydney, then from Sydney to the Gold Coast. We went with another family. As soon as we got there we got picked up by a car and went to the car rentals place, where we got a car to drive around in. We got to the house that we were staying in and had a look around. The house was awesome! It had a salt water pool, a sandpit, and enough room to sleep 15 people. The day after we got there went to Sea World where I got my hair plaited with beads. At Sea World we saw penguins, polar bears, sharks, stingrays, SpongeBob and loads of other fish. I went on a ride that was Viking themed. We went on it about 5 times and still wanted to go on it again. At Movie World we went on the Wild West Falls where you go down backwards and down forwards. It takes a picture of you when you go forwards. We went on it so many times that we ended up pulling funny faces by the of the ride where they take the photos.

I had a fabulous time in Queensland.

By Hailey

Have you ever been on a holiday out of Tasmania before?

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